What to Expect

At Red Stone Church, our desire is to become a Jesus-centered church. Every environment, order of service, and song choice has this one aim: to bring glory to His name. We want you to leave with a better understanding of Jesus’s death, resurrection and Great Commission. So come, be yourself, and enjoy the liberating message that Jesus is the Hero of our story.

A Warm Greeting

At Red Stone, our goal is to make you feel at home from the minute you pull into the parking lot. Greeters will be available at the front doors to point you in the right direction, help you get your kids checked in, and answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to ask!

A Casual Environment

Our Sunday morning gatherings are just an extension of who we are as people: relaxed, relational, and worshipful. We have no dress code, and attire varies from person to person.


Odd as it may sound, at Red Stone Church we really like each other! Our Sunday morning services are full of hugs, handshakes, and good friends catching up on the week gone by. And you should expect that same care to be extended to you! Someone may say something to you like, “Hi, we haven’t met before, is this your first time?” We invite you to jump right in and join the conversation!

Worship and Music

We sing together as a congregation as a way of mutually declaring and responding to the truth of God’s word. Songs vary from contemporary worship to traditional hymns and are all played by an acoustic band. Music is carefully selected to reflect sound theological truths, often in conjunction with the mornings message.

Biblical Truth

Clear communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our number one priority in our worship services. During a time of teaching, you will hear a passage of scripture read and explained by someone from our pastoral or leadership team.


At Red Stone, we believe communion is the cornerstone of our worship, and because of this we practice it weekly. Communion is a time of remembering the broken body and shed blood of Christ on our behalf. We use bread and grape juice which is served from stations around the room, with a gluten free station near the back. You may go take communion in your own time, and can choose to take it alone or corporately with your family and friends.

A Love for our Neighbor

We are a Church that exists for the good of our town, and we want to be about the flourishing of Johnson City, Tennessee by loving and serving our neighbors, coworkers, and community members.


Though we strive for excellence, part of our confession of faith is that we are a people in process— people who need a Savior. At Red Stone, we don’t want to pretend like we have it all together, and we’re constantly trying to burst the bubble of perception that you have to pretty yourself up before you come to Christ. As much as we try to love one another, the truth is we fail, we struggle, and we hurt one another from time to time. But when that happens you can expect us to rely on the grace of God and the redemptive power of repentance and forgiveness to grow us and heal us.


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