Little Red Stone

Little Red Stone is where we care for our youngest children on Sunday mornings. Children from 6 weeks old to around 4 years old can be checked in to Little Red Stone in the front lobby of our facility prior to the service at 10 a.m.


Little Red Stone is made up of three groups:

Climbers: Babies are cared for in the Climbers class from the time they are 6 weeks old until they are walking.

Explorers: Once babies begin walking, they are moved to the Explorers class. They are cared for here until 2 years old.

Questers: 3 and 4-year-olds begin learning from an early childhood curriculum to prepare them for Camp Red Stone. Because every child develops differently at this point in their lives, parents may decide when a pre-school student is ready to be moved to Camp Red Stone.


Little Red Stone keeps a good ratio of adults to children to make sure all of our children are given the attention and care that they need.



Your child’s safety is of great importance to Red Stone Church. On Sundays, children are checked in at the front lobby of our facility. Every child is registered, given a tag, and never released without a parent identification tag. There will be no exceptions to this rule.


All adults involved in our Sunday morning children’s ministries are required to pass a thorough background check and undergo training in childcare essentials. There will also be at least two adults in every class to ensure a high level of accountability at all times.

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