Vision & Goals

Community Group Vision & Goals

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Vision - The Vision for Red Stone community groups is for Gospel-centered, life-giving, communities of adults (from upper-high school to senior adults) to meet on a regular basis in homes for the purpose of worship, encouragement, fellowship, passage-reflection/application, and accountability.  At Red Stone, we have established community groups with the idea of having several functional churches within the church, with a key shepherd and key supporting cast assigned to each group.  We want community groups to be Life-GivingSustainable, and Aligned to the overall RS calendar and vision.   

 Goals - Provide a structured avenue for people who attend RS to be in a Christian community by:

  • Providing shepherds within each CG that lead, assist with facilitating discussion, ensure that key partners are being discipled and playing key roles, and maintain a positive grace-filled culture.
  • Practically speaking, each CG should serve as small churches within a church.  This means CGs could include components such as worship, prayer, studying Scripture, encouraging one another, getting to know each other over a meal/snack, confessing sins and struggles with each other, etc.   
  • Modeling what it truly looks like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Using the CG structure for sermon and/or passage-reflection, along with disseminating various church information and reminders
  • Spurring one another on toward service and volunteerism within the church
  • Providing opportunities to better know, love, and serve those within our city

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