Adult Ministries

We use Community Groups as our culture-making arm of Red Stone Church. Community is one of those words we all use, but few experience the relational depth of Body-life that the Bible describes when it speaks of being “members of one another.”

Red Stone Church was born in a living room. This rhythm is of prime importance to us. We aggressively tell everyone: North Johnson City does not need another Sunday morning service, but does need more churches. To get a real sense of you we are, try out one of our 6 Community Groups.


 Red Stone’s men’s ministry seeks to encourage and equip men to follow hard after Jesus. Working from a foundation of biblical-manhood, we want to grow men who are both servants and leaders in their homes, their work places, their church, and their community. We meet regularly to help facilitate connections between men in all stages of life, and invite you to join us.

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Red Stone Women’s Ministry is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our heart’s desire is to gather, engage, connect & equip one another to live out the Gospel. As we gather, our focus is to live out the commission and be disciples who are making disciples. We invite women of all ages to join us as we come together to connect in both large and small group gatherings.  

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