Aimee Stone


Aimee is serving in Birmingham, England and works exclusively with students at the University of Birmingham. Students in England desperately need the hope of the Gospel.  A majority of the students she knows have very skewed views of Christianity and Jesus. She loves forming friendships with students and sharing what her relationship with Jesus looks like. Aimee is a self-proclaimed cat lady; or at least an unashamed cat lover.  She's artsy & crafty and enjoys baking...but mostly eating.


JUNE 2016 - "...While I am thankful for what these past months have developed in me, I am so excited that I am returning to England.  So, what will things look like for me when I return?  I’ll spend my first few days unpacking and settling back in.  Many students will have left, but the Canvas House will be open until the 17th.  Things will be very low-key, no events or anything like that, but the space will be open for students to stop by.  So I will spend time there, meeting new students and catching up with students that I knew from last year.  After the 17th Canvas will close, but I will still spend time with students who are around and working with the team members who will be in England for the summer as well.  The summers always look a little different, and after being gone for so long it's even harder to imagine exactly what the next few months will be like, but I am just so thankful to be there!"

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