Learn more about the missionaries sponsored by Red Stone Church.

Red Stone Church is committed to give at least 10% to global local missions, church planting, and benevolence. We’ve opted to primarily fund personal missionaries. Currently, we support: Aimee Stone, Juan Carlos Cevallos, CityChurch, Josh Hubbard, and the DRG Interns,  We recently began supporting five local mission organizations: One7 Charlotte, The Well, Rise Up, Summit Leadership, and Providence Academy. Our favorite work has been with a young man who walked in off the road and was adopted by a CG. 

 Meet our missionaries:

Aimee Stone - Missionary to England

Ashley Dukart - Missionary to England

Bruce & Neide Colson - Missionaries to Mozambique

Joshua & Janna Hubbard - Doe River Gorge

Juan Carlos & Courtney Cevallos - Missionaries to Latin America

Kyler Williams - Missionary to Ireland

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